iPhone 12 Pro Max Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Up to twice as strong as tempered glass

First-of-its-kind glass. Lithium Aluminosilicate (LAS) provides upgraded strength, flexibility and premium scratch resistance. LAS films can survive drops from twice the height of conventional aluminosilicate or tempered glass.

Strengthened with double ion-exchange process

Chemically toughened using a double ion-exchange strengthening process that was precisely engineered for impact and scratch protection.

Flawless Touchscreen Experience

Precision touch sensitivity through intelligent glass composition that reacts like your phone’s own screen, ensuring every touch is transferred accurately for a flawless touchscreen experience. Incredibly slim at just 0.29 millimetres, so you hardly notice the incredibly tough layer of protection.


Up to twice as stronger as tempered glass protectors

Strengthened with double ion-exchange process

Flawless touchscreen experience